Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

A land of many facets that welcome travelers from all walks of life. Sri Lanka's refreshing experiences and precious wonders would take you by surprise and leave you in awe.

Surrounded by the aquamarine waters in the Indian Ocean, each stretch of sand and every mile of crystal clear water makes Sri Lanka a Surfers Paradise. Simply take a boat into the midst of the sea and witness frolicking dolphins at play. The moonlit shores and the soft lull of the waves are ideal for romance and tranquility whilst fulfilling the fantasies of the underwater enthusiastic.

Climb castles in the sky, visit sacred grounds of four world religions and move amongst the vestige of ancient cities. 2500 years of civilization, eight world heritage sites and dozens of wonders to be explored.

Get your adrenaline rush. The rush of a rapid foamy river, an incredible balloon ride, a train journey through the tea country, a round of golf, or a tuk tuk ride through Colombo city are few of the trills that Sri Lanka offers. For the wild life lovers, enjoy a safari through the jungle and spend an afternoon in the presence of snoozing leopards. Sri Lanka is one adventurous experience after the other.

A journey through paradise will take you along the rise and fall of the blue green landscape, cascading waterfalls and tea gardens dotted with brightly attired people picking tea leaves.

Ayubowan is the Sri Lankan way of greeting. It is the wish of long life that sums up the ancient practice of Ayurveda; the science of life. Amidst the scent of warm aromatic oils, indulge in a bath strewn with tropical flowers and transcend time as science and the art of spa relaxation fuse together.

Sri Lanka, it is an island of immense beauty, small enough to explore widely and yet large enough to offer infinite variety.